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Dr. Olaf Hendricks


Dr. Olaf Hendricks was born and raised in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Dr. Hendricks attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., earning a B.S. in Zoology and an M.D. with a specialty in psychiatry. After completing his residency, Dr. Hendricks returned to the U.S. Virgin Islands and served as Territorial Psychiatrist for the Bureau of Corrections until 1980, when he was promoted to Medical Director. Dr. Hendricks served as Medical Director until 2005. In addition, Dr. Hendricks served as the only psychiatrist at the St. Croix Hospital (now Governor Juan F. Luis Hospital) from 1983-1996. Dr. Hendricks was also appointed Assistant Commissioner of Health for Public Health under Alexander Farrelly and served 1991-1993.

In 1996, Dr. Hendricks served as Interim Commissioner of Health under Governor Roy Schneider. Dr. Hendricks has also served as President of the Medical Staff and Chief Medical Officer at Governor Juan Luis Hospital. Dr. Hendricks currently serves as a Staff Psychiatrist at Governor Juan Luis Hospital and works as a psychiatrist at The Village Rehabilitation Center on St. Croix. In addition to his work in psychiatry, Dr. Hendricks has been involved in the community. Dr. Hendricks was an original member
of the Board of Governors of the Virgin Islands Cultural Heritage Institute and served for more than eight years. In addition, Dr. Hendricks co-founded the Crucian Cultural Institute (now defunct), the Hillsiders Association and the Crucian-Rican All-AHWE Organization.

Dr. Hendricks also enjoys music, playing saxophone with the Ten Sleepless Knights Quelbe Band and his own group, Broncodem. Dr. Hendricks is also the host of a weekly radio show, “Wedeyah,” in which he discusses the attitudes, beliefs and values of Virgin Islanders and Caribbean people. Dr. Hendricks is married and has three children and several grandchildren. Dr. Hendricks and his wife live on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dr. Olaf Hendricks
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