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Caribbean Music Institute Summer Programs

United Jazz Foundation has, over the years, developed and implemented solid music education programming based on the needs of the USVI community. Ultimately, the Foundation provides equal opportunities for economically underserved students to receive a well-rounded music education—building a foundation that enables participants to enter the competitive market and become independent, responsible, and socially conscious professionals.

Through Caribbean Music Institute’s Summer Enrichment Program, UJF offers several opportunities for students to voluntarily continue their music education throughout the summer months. A curriculum comprising music literacy, hands-on individual instruction, performance-based learning, and mentorship ensures that students are well prepared to meet the social and professional challenges they will encounter as they prepare to launch their musical careers.

This diverse and culturally rich summer programming encourages cultural exchange and expands the musical knowledge of students, inspiring new ideas and collaborations. Summer Enrichment Program is open to residents of the USVI as well as non-resident students.

Programs include:

  • UVI Summer Band Program

  • Studio as a Musical Instrument

  • Caribbean Jazz Institute

  • Caribbean Music Institute Online


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