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Nicole Parson

Assistant Treasurer

Vice President and Founder of United Jazz Foundation, Nicole Koerts-Parson is a highly motivated individual with degrees in business, psychology, and social work. At the age of 19, after completing her studies in Pedagogy, Nicole joined the Government National Task Force in The Netherlands, where she researched, developed, and implemented new leading methods for social, cultural, and nationwide issues. Her work included restructuring the school system to properly identify, treat, and educate children and youth with Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD-NOS), Autism, and Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder (ADHD).

Nicole went on to work with a variety of business, creative, and financial agencies in The Netherlands, becoming the CEO of a major design agency (Architecture, Interior and Graphic Design) for which she developed a worldwide team of top designers and engineers (USA, Canada, The Netherlands, and Japan) to work on major projects in The United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi).

In 2006, Nicole won a Design Exchange Concept Award in Toronto Canada, supported by the Canadian government, for creating a socially responsible business model, using new media and design to promote a jazz-oriented lifestyle and community. Together with drummer, educator, and composer Dion Parson, she co-founded “Mentoring Through the Arts of Music,” and recently established the United Jazz Foundation, which administers the program. Nicole Koerts-Parson’s dedication toward progressive public interventionism allows her to continue broadening her skills and knowledge. With United Jazz she embraces new opportunities to encourage people to reach their ultimate potential.

Nicole Parson
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